Gamzat model Shayenne-dancer
adjust light, baby-talk doggie 
for moment, normal Insta-life dog


nameless packs fruit boxes
kids’ puppets and a jar of pennies
half-used and her mother feeds
a hapless baby — television 
behind heartbreak, some show...


strand of hair wet
pushed to place and eyeliner
draw more deep angle —
Gamzat make Shayenne 
laugh humping air with sexy


that stupid child starts crying
which makes Abuelita start
and nameless pushes back 
falling hair and looks out the
window and wants to 
throw a dead plant


Gamzat pull shirt off
muscles and say Insta-girl:
“Couch — 2148 like!”
wait flash and go both to kitchen
no shirt for to put dish in washer
Shayenne-dancer swallow banana, 
look like monkey and laugh


why can’t they just close the blinds?

From I Can See You — A Collection of Neighbors.

More neighbors? Click here.

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