mid-morning sun
email in lounge chair
trunks just above pubic line
feet extended, sunglasses

gym gym gym gym gym gym gym
gym —
call from client
bro if male 
lots of questions if not —
gym gym gym —
soft-sell to prospect:
“Ever think about training?” —

walk cute dog
no socks quads pumped
cap backwards
black hair bulging through
nod to balcony men


conversation with girlfriend
“You need me tonight?”
“GayDay. Don’t need girls.”
she giggles gets ice cream

stir mushrooms against olives
eat one spoon ice-cream
look sexy at girlfriend
egg-whites over mushrooms-olives
stand back from sputter
kiss her then pat ass
lift shirt let her touch
“I like these.”

“Sam’s cute.”
take spoon from her mouth
move in stop one inch from lips
eyelashes flutter speckled
take cheeks in hands:
“Baby, you make me so hard.”
exhale she moans and wows
bend into her eggs burning
“Save it for Sam.”
turn mushrooms/olives/egg-whites
look in mirror

see neighbor outside window
nod to prospect

(from I Can See You — A Collection of Neighbors)

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