My past cheats,

never stops spinning

an impossible lie.


A toast to lovely Chaos. You’re here and I’m amazed because I have no idea how to optimize my search engine visibility and have refused my brother’s gracious offers to increase what used to be called foot traffic but is probably called something else now. You might be an old student wondering what ever happened to? or a wildly beautiful New Zealand poet who followed a memory or someone in my family checking up on the crazy man who decided to give up a career he loved in favor of writing “pomes and shit,” I don’t know. And I like it that way. I’ll keep putting my words out there if you keep coming back. It’s that simple and that lovely.

Drop me a line by hitting Contact above. I do have feelings underneath this boldly sarcastic shell, so if you think I could be doing better, say so nicely. In a way I can use. And of course, if you want to tell someone about something that’s touched you, do it. I love writing, but sharing it with ever-expanding circles of people — that’s where it’s at. As long as I have coffee.

Be well. And raise another glass to the sheer improbability of you reading my “pomes and shit.”

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